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recommended symbol for building raw materials

By Uffe LARSEN Replies (4)


I am fiddling with a view service for sand and gravel deposits and I wonder which symbol to use.

Do you know of any recommendations ?  In the old versions of the data specification the symbol for “Building raw materials, dimension stones” was a purple hexangone but it has disappeared in the newest specification.


Uffe Larsen


  • Jouni VUOLLO

    Hi Uffe!

    You are right - the older version of document had that symbol - dated 2013-02-05! 

      • ​​11.3.10. should be "Building raw materials, dimension stones​" and the symbology a "purple hexangone"

    ​And as John replay - now there is a text "To be provided"

  • John LAXTON

    Hi Jouni,

    Are you sure you are looking at the latest version (v3.0) of the specification? In this version there aren't any duplicated titles that I can see but section 11.3.1 'Styles for the layer MR.Mine' and section '...building raw materials, dimension stones' both say 'To be provided'.


  • Jouni VUOLLO

    Hi John!

    You rise up another question - we don't have any styles for Mines - 11.3.1 'Styles for the layer MR.Mine' - there is a text as you said 'To be provided'. These styles will be need to build up Minerals4EU services!

  • James PASSMORE

    By James PASSMORE

    What if your data isn't a point but a polygon, is the intention that the polygon has some repeated pattern of purple hexagons?

    Secondly is there any recommended RGB value for purple; is it one of the following (for example):



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