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Call for implementation examples

Dear all,

I would like to invite those of you who have produced harmonised datasets according to the LC or LU application schemas to share your experiences, your draft GMLs or links to network services from which the harmonised data is available. No reason to wait for your implementations to be absolutely perfect before sharing them. By posting issues and draft implementations we can help you with getting your possible issues solved and this way you can also help others in understanding how to do the job!

Once shared, I will add them to the list of implementation examples.

FYI, examples already provided:

Examples of view and download services for harmonised LC and LU data

Transformation rules for Corine Land Cover (CLC) and Urban Atlas (UA) according to INSPIRE Land Cover theme. Find the project report and the CLC and UA example GMLs, Matching tables for CLC and UA and the schematron file here

Land Cover Vector GML example 1 (Best Practise), example 2 and example 3

Existing Land Use GML example



  • Tomas MILDORF

    Hi Lena

    This is our European Open Land Use Map ( web service:



  • James PASSMORE

    By James PASSMORE

    Nice implementation example.  

    I looked at the web service (which I think is MapServer?) and I see you are missing the INSPIRE extended capabilities section.

  • Tomas MILDORF

    Thanks James, we are aware of this and we plan to update the service during the INSPIRE Hackathon in September.

  • James PASSMORE

    By James PASSMORE

    It's not at all difficult with MapServer, does it really need a Hackathon to do it?

  • Tomas MILDORF

    Not at all ;) There will be some enhancements concerning data and their quality or level of detail, so this will be done at once.

  • Pavel MILENOV

    Nice and useful Thomas,
    Could you please provide some information on the regional/national datasets used to enrich CLC and UA data? 
    For Czech Republic it is the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS), correct? 
    Did you have access to the LPIS data for other countries as well?


  • Tomas MILDORF

    Hi Pavel

    Yes, in Czech it was LPIS and also cadastral parcels, both datasets are available as open data. This is however not the case in other countries. In Flanders we got access to detailed topographic maps, in Austria we got access to detailed land use maps. We plan to integrate also open data on land use from Finland and Spain. We hope that other sources will emerge :)



  • Tomas MILDORF

    So the webs service should be INSPIRE compatible now.


  • Julián DELGADO

    By Julián DELGADO

    Dear all

    From IGN/CNIG Spain, we would like can share with you our last inputs. Months ago the Spanish Committee for INSPIRE adoption decided to implement LC and ExistingLU themes with the CORINE and national SIOSE datasets. So we had to update the LC /LU INSPIRE services WMS and WFS. The main reached aspects are:

    -          We finally generated a WFS compliant (or at least as compliant as we consider technically feasible) 

    -          We published CORINE with CORINE nomenclature in the terms that INSPIRE needs (using the online registry of EEA). And publish our national LC/LU data SIOSE with the nomenclature of HILUCS for Existing LU; and with a national nomenclature called ‘CODIIGE’ for LC. This nomenclature was reached by a consensus among responsible Spanish data owners. This CODIIGE nomenclature is also available in an online registry with classes description in Spanish and English. 

    -          In technical terms I can underline some aspects, still for us unsolved at INSPIRE level: 

    • Due to the complicate relationship between LC Dataset and LC Units, we decided to publish LC Units outside from LC Dataset, in similar way that LU does.

    • We also have changed slightly the relation between ELU Dataset and ELU Objects. In ELU Dataset we have removed the list of contained ELU Objects inside.  And in the ELU Objects we have included a WFS request linked with the container ELU Dataset.

    • GML files resulting are not easy consumed by a GIS software, due to the INSPIRE complicate structure.

    • About the attribute ‘extent’ for ELU Dataset, we have do it as INSPIRE says, but to reproduce a complete boundary of an entire country level consume much effort. We manage more than 2 million of geometries for a dissolve. It could be interesting allow that the ‘extent’ attribute can be only a bounding box.

    Webservices address:




    Our best regards



    Germany: Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy provides INSPIRE view and download services for Annex I theme LC based on CORINE Land Cover 10ha (CLC10)

    More details about the technical solution and implementation process are given in this presentation

Land Cover & Use

Land Cover & Use

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