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Layer naming

We have been looking at the issue of Layer Names (described in section 11.1 of the data specification) and have identified two issues:

1. For GE.GeologicUnit there two recommended styles, for lithology and age. However, in a service, layer names have to be unique so should we use GE.GeologicUnit.Lithology and GE.GeologicUnit.AgeOfRocks as the layer names so that each layer can have a single default style? We are not sure if changing the layer name in INSPIRE is permissible or if the layer names are mandatory. If they are mandatory then either we would need to have distinct services for lithology and age or we would have to provide two styles for the GE.GeologicUnit layer and leave it to the client to state which style it wishes to use.

2. A similar issue exists for different types of GE.GeologicUnit, for example derived from maps of different scale or type (eg bedrock or superficial deposit etc). Should we have a layer naming convention that allows us to put out all these different types of GE.GeologicUnit as part of a single service (eg GE.GeologicUnit.[Geographical extent] of the data in the layer, then [Data owner organization] (not service provider), then [Language code] (if non-default as per service naming conventions), then [Scale], then [Theme]) or do we have a separate service for each 'type' of GeologicUnit.


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