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INSPIRE download services published providing INSPIRE compliant HY data

Dear all,

We (Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE) have now published two INSPIRE download services providing datasets compliant with the HY data specification, namely WatercourseLink, HydroNode, Network.

1) A WFS providing the HY datasets:

(the WFS provides also PS datasets)

2) An Atom feed providing WatercourseLink, HydroNode, Network GMLs as a zipped file:

(Comment: it lacks 'open search' support. The Atom feed also includes links to PS datasets)

Both services are BETA versions, which for example means that we have not tested performance issues.

Any feedback is mostly welcome!

The URL to our HY-WMS service is (layer names are not according to INSPIRE):

Best regards,

Lena & Riikka