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Portrayal: are images of ExternalGraphics of SLDs available somewhere?

An implementation partner asked for images of parts of the symbology in the Data specifications.

The Portrayal section of the Data specification gives mandatory styles to use, with examples in SLDs. These SLDs contain ExternalGraphics. The SLDs now use references like this: http://.../rapids.png. See for example section 11.2.5 Styles for the layer HY.PhysicalWaters.HydroPointOfInterest of the data spec (

The table per style does give an example of the rendered styling.

Are the graphics available as PNG files somewhere, to download and reuse? Or should dataproviders create these images themselves?

  • Michael LUTZ

    Good question. I was not aware that the styles in the data specifications had references to external symbol files. As far as I know they are not available.

    On a related note, I talked to Roberto Lucchi from Esri at the INSPIRE conference about the styles they provide for all themes as part of ArcGIS for INSPIRE, and he volunteered to share these with the community. Maybe they have already included the relevant symbology files. I will share the SLD/SE's here once I have received them.



    By Thijs BRENTJENS

    That helps, thanks! Sharing the SLD/SEs would be great, if help is needed somehow, please let me know. We could create a (github) repository for it for example. If licenses permit this.