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Dear all,

in the process of revisiting the observational encoding options, we discovered that there are a few gaps somewhere between the UML specification and the available encoding options. This is due to timing issues, with the coverage specifications & implementations becoming available late in the O&M specification process. Now that both O&M and coverages have settled a bit, we'd like to sort this issue to ease implementation for all.

The specific problem encountered pertains to the ProfileObservation, which specifies the use of either RectifiedGridCoverage or ReferenceableGridCoverage as result. RectifiedGridCoverage seems to be working, but when one attempts to utilize ReferenceableGridCoverage one ends up dead-ended in abstract features.

At present, we're analysing possible implementation options, taking the updated coverage specifications into account. My request to all is to provide input if:

  • you are working with coverages within the INSPIRE Observational Themes
  • you are interested in providing input to this work

The original of this post is on the Observational Cluster, I'd be thankful for responses on that thread to help bundle topics on this issue:



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Marine & Atmosphere

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