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How to add information on Long Heavy Vehicles

Hi all, Is there someone who already includes information on long heavy vehicles in INSPIRE data, e.g. as an extension to the RestrictionForVehicles type? Any ideas or recommendations on this topic?

  • Alexander RAMAGE

    By Alexander RAMAGE


    I am not sure that Inspire is actually set up for this particular use-case.  However, it might be that the TN-ITS work may have this type of information within it.

    Alex Ramage

  • Michael LUTZ

    Hi Herman,

    indeed I think you can simply use the RestrictionForVehicles transport property, which allows you to specify a measure and the type of restriction, using the RestrictionTypeValue code list with the following values:

    • maximum double axle weight
    • maximum draught
    • maximum flight level
    • maximum height 
    • maximum length  
    • maximum single axle weight  
    • maximum total weight   
    • maximum triple axle weight     
    • maximum width    
    • minimum flight level

    I'm not an expert, but using this property, you could e.g. specify that a certain road (or other transport link) allows vehicles with

    • a maximum total weight of 40t, and
    • a maximum length of 20m

    Does this meet your requirements?

    Best regards,

  • Herman ASSINK

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your suggestion. However, the problem is that the option for long heavy vehicles is not a physical restriction but more, so to speak, an extension to the rules. In The Netherlands there are road segments which have the option of long heavy vehicles, but also have a more strict physical restriction on maximum length and maximum total weight. I am now thinking of making an extension to the RestrictionForVehicles type to include the information on long heavy vehicles.

    Best regards,


  • Michael LUTZ

    Hi Herman,

    maybe a stupid question (again, I'm not TN expert): what exactly is a "long heavy vehicle"?

    If I understand you right, you want to be able to specify an exception from the rules specified in the RestrictionForVehicles properties. In that case, it is more a "permission" than a "restriction", right? In the sense of "on this road segment, long heavy vehicles are allowed (whatever the restrictions for weight or length say)".

    In that case, rather than extending the RestrictionForVehicles transport property, you may want to create a new Transport property called "PermissionForVehicles" or something similar.

    Best regards,