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Mobile EF - Geometry per OperationalActivityPeriod?


I'm currently sorting INSPIRE encoding issues for the SeaDataCloud project, here we have come up with an interesting insight pertaining to mobile facilities:

We'd forseen that a mobile facility has a bounding box (or polygon) describing the area where it measures. However, with marine vessels, it would be interesting to know this on a cruise level; at present, we're representing different cruises as OperationalActivityPeriods. Based on this insight, it could be valuable to add some spatial information to the OperationalActivityPeriod. Does anybody see a problem with extending the OperationalActivityPeriod featureType to include an optional geometry element activityLocation?




  • Sylvain GRELLET

    By Sylvain GRELLET

    Hi Kathi,

    Have thought using : EnvironmentalMonitoringActivity ?

    All you write above reminds me of this.

    BTW : your message raises a new question to the maintenance of the system (speaking to the cluster facilitator here) :). We currently have in the model, OperationalActivityPeriod and EnvironmentalMonitoringActivity (both with activityTime). We never discussed during the specification exercise linking both... the more look at it, the more I feel we could get rid of 'OperationalActivityPeriod'. thoughts ?


  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT


    I very much like this insight!

    I'd always stuggled to understand what it is we want sorted under the EnvironmentalMonitoringActivity, had mostly ignored while feeling guilty that I'd missed something. Will try and model some of the SeaDataCloud based on this insight and provide soon, then we can continue based on a concrete example.

    Not sure to what extent we will ever be able to modify the IRs, currently still struggling to see if we can get blatant errors sorted (i.e. codelist errors, currently sorted by providing the codelists as specified in the data model and hoping folks ignore the IR stipulating that anything goes; also constraint errors in some of the specialized observation types, the constraint on TrajactoryObservation is named "featureOfInterest must be a SF_SamplingCurve", while the OCL states: "inv: self.featureOfInterest->forAll(oclIsKindOf(SF_SamplingPoint))")

    Also, the OperationalActivityPeriod has a minimum cardinality of 1, so needs to be provided in all cases. Question is if we define the best practice as:

    • provide one OperationalActivityPeriod from the commissioning of the EF to the present; then provide a EnvironmentalMonitoringActivity for each actuall period (i.e. cruise)
    • provide an aligned set of OperationalActivityPeriod and EnvironmentalMonitoringActivity for each actuall period (i.e. cruise)




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Environmental Monitoring & Observations

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