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Mobile EF - Geometry per OperationalActivityPeriod?

Katharina SCHLEIDT
By Katharina SCHLEIDT

Hi all,

I just started a discussion on the geometry on mobile EFs in the observational cluster, initial text pasted below, for the rest of the discussion please follow the original discussion at:


I'm currently sorting INSPIRE encoding issues for the SeaDataCloud project, here we have come up with an interesting insight pertaining to mobile facilities:

We'd forseen that a mobile facility has a bounding box (or polygon) describing the area where it measures. However, with marine vessels, it would be interesting to know this on a cruise level; at present, we're representing different cruises as OperationalActivityPeriods. Based on this insight, it could be valuable to add some spatial information to the OperationalActivityPeriod. Does anybody see a problem with extending the OperationalActivityPeriod featureType to include an optional geometry element activityLocation?




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