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TrajectoryObservation Result - omso:TimeLocationValueTriple defective

Hi all,

trying to put together a TrajectoryObservation Result, I ran into an issue due to the fact that the omso:TimeLocationValueTriple is defective :(

In the data model, the TimeLocationValueTriple is derived from the WaterML Timeseries::AnnotatedTimeValuePair (with the attributes time and value); in the Schema it's derived from wml2:TimeValuePair, which only provides a time element. While the TimeLocationValueTriple, this leaves us with time/location pairs; no value :(

I've done a quick hack in order to get on with things, derived the TimeLocationValueTriple from wml2:MeasurementTVP

Schema hack available at:

Did I miss something or do we need to revise the omso schema?



  • Ilkka RINNE

    Hi Kathi,

    Indeed, it seems that the omso schemas contain an error: the omso:TimeLocationValueTripleType should probably have been made to extend the wml2:MeasurementTVPType instead of the abstract wml2:TimeValuePairType.

    If (when?) you consider revising the model/schemas, please do take a look at the OGC TimeseriesML 1.0 standard (15-042r3). This was published after the INSPIRE O&M work and may be a more generic dependency than WaterML. It's basically taking the WaterML 2.0 concepts, generalising them, and adding some metadata etc.

    Mapping table between WaterML 2.0 and TimeseriesML 1.0 elements is provided in Annex C:

  • Carsten HOLLMANN

    By Carsten HOLLMANN

    Hi Kathi,

    we have noticed this issue during the implemenation of the O&M Specialised Observation for the 52°North SOS last year.

    However, there was a solution propsed. At the moment I do not remember the exact details how this was handled but I will check and get back to you again.

    Best regards,

  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Dear All,

    Trying to figure out how to proceed on this issue. While I appreciate the approach of aligning this with OGC TimeseriesML 1.0, we'd need somebody with resources to do this.

    The solution proposed above, Schema hack available from DataCove reflects what's currently in the Data Specifications. Is there anything wrong with this correction (i.e. can we integrate this into the official versions) or did I miss something?

    @Carsten: what workaround did 52°N finally use?



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