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Can you help judge the quality of the automatically generated small-scale maps?

Dear colleagues,

Apologies for cross-posting!

We have developed a fully automatic solution to map generalization. This solution starts from a single largest-scale database (e.g., 1:1K). All subsequent small-scale maps and databases can be 100% automatically derived. This automatic process is determined by the data, so called data speak for itself. On the other hand, it is possible to integrate the user's requirements to provide customized results. The small scales include not only primary scales, such as 1:2K, 1:4K, 1:8K, ..., 1:4M, and conventional discrete scales, such as 1:2.5K, 1:5K, 1:10K, ..., 1:4M, but also any arbitrary scales, such as 1:2.345K, and 1:9.843K. In other words, this solution is able to produce maps or databases of continuous map scales, from which we choose over 12 scales for comparing our results (to your right screen) with those of OpenStreetMap (to your left screen) of Sweden as a demo:

These results (to your right screen) show the possibility of fully automation of map generation, involving all geographic features and all map scales. Could you give me of your feedback on how you like or dislike the results?

Thanks and cheers.