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Spatial Features and ISO19136 Geometry Requirements


we've been getting some interesting error messages on the eENVplus Validator - "The property value "":AbstractGeometry cannot substitute for "":AbstractGeometry in {}shapeType. "

Pertains to the AQD schema hosted at the EEA:

Stefania has analysed it and found the reason:

Reason is that, according to ISO19136, “a geometry type must be declared as a global element that can substitute for gml:AbstractGeometry”. So the validator tests that” the value of a geometry property is an element substitutable for gml:AbstractGeometry. Geometry properties may be defined explicitly (based on a pre-defined GML geometry property type) or implicitly by mimicking the property type content model”.


  • ISO 19136:2007, A.1.1.10: Spatial geometry properties
  • ISO 19136:2007, cl. 9.5: Geometry Properties
  • ISO 19136:2007, cl. User-defined Geometry Property Types

That said, the validates successfully, so the issue is related to the way the is used not to the original xsd.

Question is what do we do about this?



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