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base2:DocumentCitation can´t be a gml:featureMember in a gml:FeatureCollection?

I am trying to reference a base2:DocumentCitation using xlink:href in SpeciesDistributionDataset:documentBasis property. Something like this:

<sd:documentBasis xlink:href="#id-34567"/>

But it seems that a base2:DocumentCitation is not allowed as a gml:featureMember in the same gml:featureCollection that contains the SpeciesDistributionDataset object.

In other INSPIRE application schemas this is possible. For example: an OfficialDocumentation featureType in Planned Land Use (PLU) application schema can be referenced from SpatialPlan:officialDocument property. 

  • Stefania MORRONE

    By Stefania MORRONE

    Hi Jorge,

    OfficialDocumentation is a feature type in the PlannedLandUSe schema (i.e. <element name="OfficialDocumentation" substitutionGroup="gml:AbstractFeature" type="plu:OfficialDocumentationType">) meaning that it can be a  <gml:featureMember> in a <gml:FeatureCollection>and can be referenced by other features in the dataset through its gml:id.

    Conversely, the documentBasis is an element in the SpeciesDistributionDataSet feature type. Being an ‘element’ - so not being a feature- it cannot be a feature member.

    That said, in the SpeciesDistribution.xsd, the data type for  documentBasis element is base2:DocumentCitation (i.e.  <element ref="base2:DocumentCitation"/>), meaning that documentBasis can be encoded following two options:

    Option 1:

    through an embedded base2:DocumentCitation element


                    <base2:DocumentCitation gml:id="fake_id">
                        <base2:link> </base2:link>

     Option 2:

    as a link to a document (URL of referenced document)


    <sd:documentBasis xlink:href=""/&gt;


    Hope this helps smiley


  • Jorge Rosales

    Thank you Stefania, I will use option 1 but I surprised a bit the difference of treatment between similar/related subjects (documentation) in SD and PLU.




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