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Using the specialisedZoneType attribute

The specialisedZoneType attribute allows providing an additional value to further specialise the type of zone specified in the zoneType element.

The specialisedZoneType can contain any value defined by data provider (as long as it is made available in a public register – ref. Article 6(3) of the Implementing Rules. For more details see the TC page How to extend INSPIRE code lists), since its value type 'SpecialisedZoneTypeCode' is an empty code list.

However, the additional NOTE in the attribute description (Page 34 in the Data Specification for AM) specifies that the values for the specialisedZoneTypeshould be derived from relevant domain-specific controlled vocabulary, where available.”

Be aware that an extension of the INSPIRE code list SpecialisedZoneTypeCode is provided in the Eionet Data Dictionary ( More specifically, the values contained therein further specialise the following ZoneType elements:

Each value in the  refers the related value in the ZoneTypeCode INSPIRE code list

e.g. contains indication that it further specialises  contains indication that it further specialises

etc ..

Should you need to specialise one of the above mentioned zone types, therefore, have a look at the and see whether a similar value is already provided there.

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