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Dear all,

this mail in order to submit to the list an editor for Environment Facility (EF) spatial data theme.

Following the experience on metadata editor software proposed for INSPIRE geospatial metadata profile and SensorML (v1 and v2), we have implemented 2 forms of EDI Editor:

For more information 10.5334/jors.10610.5281/zenodo.59893 and 10.5281/zenodo.59105

These forms allow to create XML file, respectively for each of the profiles, based on the data entry of the form. XML files generated are semantically enriched by the connection between the EDI editor with semantic resources (e.g. Media Monitored values: INSPIRE EMF code listPurpose of Collection: code list shared by CEH TopBraid Environmental Monitoring Facility vocabulary, etc.). Forms facilitate the filling by autocompletion (e.g. for Electronic mail address try to insert or code list provided by combobox (e.g. Monitored environmental medium). Finally forms can be customise to different user-cases such as research groups, research projects or institution needs.

I ask all of you to do some tests and eventually to provide information on the shortcomings, inefficiencies or changes to be made.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Ciao Ale,

    Cool! Do I understand correctly that one configures a template for the schema and EDI does the rest? (I've been dreaming of this tool for at least 10 years!!!)

    Question - is there a way of marking the mandatory fields?



  • Alessandro OGGIONI

    By Alessandro OGGIONI

    Dear Kathi,

    Right with EDI you can configure a template for a specific profile (or XML schema). After this step EDI offers a form with all the fields that you are indicated as a visible in the template. When you filled all the mandatory fields EDI produces a XML according with the profile and with semantic enriched attributes.

    For sure mandatory fields are indicated as a blue bold.


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Environmental Monitoring & Observations

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