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Definition of StandingWater

The INSPIRE Hydrography data specification (v3.1) defines feature type "StandingWater" as "A body of water that is entirely surrounded by land. NOTE It may occur in a natural terrain depression in which water collects, or may be impounded by a dam, or formed by its bed being hollowed out of the soil, or formed by embanking and/or damming up a natural hollow (for example: by a beaver dam). It may be connected to inflowing / outflowing watercourses or other standing waters."

The definition caused some confusion and discussion in Czech Republic with respect to the matching of national feature types to INSPIRE. For more information see their presentation at the INSPIRE KEN Transformation workshop (Oct 2014, Prague).

Have you encountered a similar issue? Do you think there is a need to revise the definition for StandingWater?


  • Peter PARSLOW

    We have used the concept in an internal production database, the output of which is not yet ready for publication. We didn't take the 'entirely surrounded by land' too literally, given that it 'may be connected to inflowing/outflowing watercourses'. So we model any lake or pond as a StandingWater feature instance. We consider the distinction to between flowing water & standing water. As a mapping agency, rather than a hydropgraphic (hydrological) institute, we haven't been at all precise about how little flow means it is 'standing'.