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GML Application Schema toolbox for QGIS v3.0

Stefania MORRONE
By Stefania MORRONE

The release of QGIS v3.0 is at hand, and with it comes the GML application schema toolbox plugin, presented also during the GML application compliant complex features in QGIS and beyond workshop at the INSPIRE Conference.

Very interesting new features, promising to make INSPIRE implementers' life easier:

  • Download GML data from WFS 2.0 services
  • Read GML App Schema files in XML mode
  • Convert GML App Schema files in PostGIS and SQLite format
  • GML Application Schema (GMLAS) driver able to automatically set up a relational data model in PostGIS by analysing the GML application schema and load the GML data – e.g. from WFS - into the database. QGIS will then be able to visualise the data in a map view.
  • Export PostGIS and SQLite format to GML App Schema files.
  • Export the data from QGIS as application schema GML (you can e.g. modify the data imported in previous step and then re-export modified data from QGIS into GML format according to the GML schema.)

Looking forward to test !smiley



for more details, have a look at the workshops presentations:

GML application schema made easy in GDAL/OGR and QGIS

QGIS GML application schema toolbox guided tour

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