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EF and referencing other Inspire Themes

Hi Everyone.  Is there established practice in an EF dataset to reference FT's from other themes?  I am thinking particularly of items such as the SampledFeature or, possibly even the SamplingFeature. 

For example in Sea Regions,  FT's are defined for Shoreline, Inter-Tidal Area, and defined Sea Areas.  These definitions could explicitly be used to frame an observation process.  I am explicitly looking at beach litter at the moment.  In this context there is a process for observing beach litter (EF) and I want to associate the results of this back to the beach (SR).

Hoping that the answer is 'yes' and it is straightforward


  • Sylvain GRELLET

    By Sylvain GRELLET

    Hi Keiran,

    You mean : how to express that this EF monitors this FeatureType from another themes ?

    If yes, then the answer is 'yes'.

    Via the FeatureOfInterest of the ObservingCapability.

    - If you look at that example :

    - at the following Xpath (/wfs:FeatureCollection/wfs:member/ef:EnvironmentalMonitoringFacility/ef:observingCapability/ef:ObservingCapability/ef:featureOfInterest), you'll see that our piezometer monitors this aquifer (



  • Keiran MILLARD

    By Keiran MILLARD

    Hi Sylvain,

    Thank-you for the reply, this is exactly what I would like to do! 

    • EF = Measures of litter on beach (or in the ocean)
    • SR = FoI - the beach (or the ocean)

    At this moment, the litter dataset defines the beach as a point.  I'm hopeful that in the future a persistent, definitive SR dataset of the EU coastline is created (segmented to the local management unit level) and the litter count can then be assigned to the relevant unit.  

    [I'm also secretly hoping that someone will reply this post saying that it already exists]


  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Kieran,

    when you do have the beach segmented, you could then have each segment refer to the entire beach as the sampledFeature of the FoI to put it all in context



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