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EuroSDR workshop 'Use of algorithms on big DEM’s - Better utilization of national detailed elevation models'

Dear all

In connection with Elevation data, EuroSDR, the organization linking National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies with Research Institutes and Universities in Europe, will organize the event of ‘Use of algorithms on big DEM’s - Better utilization of national detailed elevation models’.

The workshop will be arranged on April 4th and 5th from noon to noon at the County Governor’s office in Tønsberg, Norway. There are welcome speakers from industry, academia and government.

Thematic topics:

  • Automatic detection of waterbodies in LiDAR

  • Improvement of hydro network

  • Mapping of poles and powerlines

  • Obstacles for aviation – International view ICAO

  • DEM from image matching – Multispectral Analysis

  • Copernicus – Creating DTM’s on hydrography

  • Cloud computing (AWS) – Automatic corrections in preparation of DTM’s

  • DEM Analysis using Machine or deep Learning Algorithms

  • New data acquisition techniques and their processing (multispectral ALS, single- photon lidar)

If you have interest and want to join and participate in the workshop, please find details at:  

Best regards

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