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Global soil moisture remote-sensing observations and Soil

By Ilkka RINNE Replies (1)

Hi all,

In doing a report including recommendations for applying INSPIRE requirements to various climate change monitoring related datasets. My knowledge of the soil theme is quite limited, so I thought I'd try to go to the source: Would you see a dataset containing Global coverages of soil moisture data based on remote sensing instrument data in the scope of the INSPIRE SO Theme?

Reading the Data Specification it seems to me that this kind to datasets are not prominent in the use cases. I can see that O&M is referred to in the specification, but the D2.9 Specialised Observations, such as GridObservation are not mentioned.


    By Einar EBERHARDT

    Hi Ilkka,

    i think that soil moisture data is not part of the core of the soil theme definition, but if it is a raster dataset (I guess this is what you have), please look at the SoilThemeCoverage (chap. 5.2.8, p. 35; cap., p. 41 in the Data specification Soil). Is this what you need?

    Best regards,


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