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Validator for AC-MF and/or OF INSPIRE datasets?

By Ilkka RINNE Replies (2)

Hi all,

Am I correct in assuming that there is no publicly available validation service or software for the AC-MF and OF Specialised Observation GML encoded datasets yet?

I know that the new INSPIRE validator at is still lacking the support for these data themes, and based on a quick look at the eENVplus Validation Service v3.0 at it looks like the validator is only doing the OGC GML and INSPIRE XML Schema validation (not all AC-MF & OF content and structure requirements can be validated using the XML Schema rules).

Any pointers would be appreciated.


  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Ilkka,

    to my understanding, the official INSPIRE Validator has not yet progressed past Annex I :( The eENVplus validator tries to go further, but validates against Annex III schemata, and would apply schematron rules if they exist (currently we only have the AQD rules).

    We've been looking for funding to extend this to other themes, the specialized Observations would be a prefect candidate as they depend on constraints and thus cannot be validated on the schema level. However, we'd also need some examples to work against - could you provide? (or do all your examples align with the ones I posted out for SeaDataNet?)



  • Fabio VINCI

    Hi all,

    just to point out that the eENVplus validation service provides other Annex II and III theme-specific schematron files (e.g. LC).

    We were already working to expand the schematron library, but we put everything in stand-by waiting for the outcomes of related procurements by JRC.


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