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Separate WFS endpoint for each dataset in TN - one dataset per GetCapabilities response - how to do it?

Dear TN implementers,

I would like to ask for a help in providing INSPIRE direct download service for TN data using OGC WFS. In Slovakia we currently have the following "single" endpoint:

which operatesOn 20 featureTypes as tn-a:AerodromeArea, tn-c:CablewayLink, tn_ra:RailwayArea, tn-ro:RoadArea, etc. each linking to a single INSPIRE dataset metadata record.

The question is whether this is not against the requirement 52 of having one dataset per GetCapabilities response.

If yes, how should data provider do it correctly, provide a separate endpoint for each featureType, separate endpoint for each application schema (tn-ro, tn-ra, tn-a).

Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences in implementing direct download service based on WFS for TN data.

And also, is there any definition of a INSPIRE dataset and its relation to WFS featureType. Could not find definition of INSPIRE dataset anywhere (incl. INSPIRE registry - glossary, TG for download service, etc...)