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Axis order in CRS used for INSPIRE data

Dear all,

A question has for a while been on my disk, and despite a lot of reading I cannot find the right answer:

Why has all of the possible CRS for INSPIRE data listed in table 1 in TG DS CS axis order N,E? (And not E,N)?

E,N is most common for spatial data - many spatial data is stored, managed and exchanged in CRS:EPSG=25832 which has axis order E,N and is not in the before mentioned table. And most common used GIS expect data in CRS with axis order E,N and not the opposite.

I can read in that back in 1999 there was a workshop on recommendations for pan-EU CRS. A report was written (pub03ProceedingsWS1999.pdf) but it is not available in the page - can someone repair the link?

The axis-order difference in EPSG:3044 and EPSG:25832 is discussed in Why has INSPIRE chosen N,E???

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