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On line validation of datasets

By Giacomo MARTIRANO Replies (11)

In the context of the European project eENVplus (the "project hosted in Italy" mentioned by Peter) we developed a Validation Service consisting of an implementation for the ATS (Abstract Test Suite) included in the Annex A of INSPIRE Data Specifications. This service makes use of the OGC free testing facility GML 3.2 (ISO 19136:2007).

This executable test suite (ETS) verifies the conformance of GML datasets with respect to INSPIRE application schemas and also with respect to ISO 19136:2007 (GML 3.2.1).

Supplementary INSPIRE constraints can be verified making use of theme specific schematron files.

For those tests that cannot be automated, the ETS contains guidelines to manual execution.

For the time being the full ETS (including schematron file and guidelines) is available for PS theme.

The validation against the application schema is available on-line for all the other data themes and for most of them interfaces explaining the INSPIRE ATS context in which the validation is performed are provided.

Exploiting the Team Engine functionalities, apart from a local resource, it is possible to upload the GML dataset file as web resource, inserting the http URL or the relevant WFS GetFeature request.

The Test, Evaluation, And Measurement (TEAM) Engine, the official test harness used by OGC Compliance Program, and the GML testing facility have been:

  • checked out from GitHub OGC repositories ((TEAM Engine version 4.0.5 – GML Suite release r17)
  • installed on cloud server
  • customized (in terms of user interface)
  • enriched with theme-specific schematron rules provided by the eENVplus team

The work, still in progress, is reported within the MIG WG5.

Access the service:

Grateful to those of you willing to send any feedback.


  • Iurie MAXIM

    Hi Stephania,

    Regarding the discution held here it was quite clear what the EnvPlus is able to validate.

    In that discution I mentioned that ENVPlus validator "works only for few data themes and that cant check a large dataset and is not able to verify a dataset that contains features from multiple data themes (XSDs)."

    You confirmed that EnvPlus cant check a large dataset and that it works only for Protected Sites and Landcover data themes,

    I mentioned that is not able to verify a dataset that contains features from multiple data themes (XSD). And this is because a user can select only one data theme and it cant select two or more data themes (or more precise more XSDs) to be verified with Schematron.

    Thi scan be seen in the image below where it is writen "Select relevant INSPIRE Data theme" and not "Select relevant INSPIRE Data themes":

    If Schematron cant be used for verifying the dataset conformity against INSPIRE Data Spececifications, than I see no reason using EnvPlus, as it can be used the OGC validators from OGC that stay at the base of EnvPlus and that are available here:

    So that's why I mentioned that ENVPlus validator "is not able to verify a dataset that contains features from multiple data themes (XSDs)." Even if that dataset contains for example features from protected sites and from landcover data themes, I do not see how EnvPlus can validate such a dataset.

    We can imagine a data provider that holds such a dataset with boundaries of natural protected areas and with landcover inside those protected areas because even the Natura 2000 Standard Data Form is requiring provision of such information in section 4.1 General Site Character.

    Best regards,

    Iurie Maxim

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