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Codelists missing: GeophProcessParameterNameValue, GeophPropertyNameValue

Two codelists necessary for the implementation of the Geophysics part and mentioned in the DS do _not_ exist at the given URL's:

#1 When will the lists be published at the given URL's?

#2 What approaches / processes should be applied in/for *running* implementation projects in terms of necessary extensions of/to the vocabulary of the lists?


  • László SŐRÉS

    By László SŐRÉS

    The Geophysics extension UML model has 4 essential codelists to be used for Observations:

    • GeophProcessParameterNameValue
    • GeophPropertyNameValue
    • GeophProcessNameValue
    • ResourceTypeValue

    The Guidelines contain a few provisional examples, but officially the code lists are still empty. The Thematic Working Group has made the first steps to populate the code lists, but the rest of the work must be done by the community. The number of terms used in the geophysical practice is so large, that one central dictionary will propably not be a solution. The use of Co-existing SKOS dictionaries and exact semantic links to the namespace may work well in the future.

    in the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary (MBFSZ) there has been lots of efforts to develop these dictionaries. The work is going on focusing on specific areas, as the INSPIRE implementation requires.  
    In the forthcoming GeoERA GIP-P project a work package is dedicated to semantic harmonization. It is anticipated that at least for the most important areas codelists will appear on the Europen level.

    Meanwhile, here are some examples from our repository.

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