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Datasets from MS to be supplied according INSPIRE

Dear all, an organizational question arises to me…

Now much of us we are working in the transformation of our LC/LU datasets into INSPIRE specifications, but how many datasets per Member State are you thinking interested to be supplied thought INSPIRE way? I put below some reflexive questions that maybe you have in mind too.

  1. If is there a national consolidate LC/LU dataset in the MS, this would be the only one to be transformed and published?
  2. If are there some national thematic consolidate LC/LU datasets in the MS (i.e. forestry maps, crops inventory, LPIS, etc.), all of them should be transformed and published? Even with different classes’ nomenclatures between them?
  3. And in case we have more detailed (geometrically and semantic) datasets at regional level, should they be also transformed and published?

In Spain we discussed these 3 questions from time ago; we formed a national LC/LU group of experts (CODIIGE) and reached a consensus to transform and publish aligned into INSPIRE all responsible LC/LU datasets from national and regional level with and harmonized nomenclature of classes to offer better homogenous view on Spanish data.

Do you have similar coordination initiative at national or regional level in your countries? It could be interesting to know how other countries organize the INSPIRE solutions.

Best regards


  • Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    By Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

    Hi Julian,

    Sorry for my reply.

    In Finland we have made one implementation plan per INSPIRE theme, that is one for Land Cover and another one for Land Use. The one for Land Cover, published in May 2014, can be found here (it's in Finnish though..). All relevant data providers were involved in setting up the plan with secretarial support from the Finnish INSPIRE Contact Point.

    We have identified several datasets and data providers in the LC theme:

    Dataset, Data provider:

    Land Parcel Identifiction System (LPIS), Agency for Rural Affairs (MAVI)
    Forest Inventory data, Natural Resouces Institute (LUKE)
    Corine Land Cover 2000, 2006 and 2012 datasets, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE
    Topographic map database, National Land Survey of Finland (MML)

    Since the national  datasets are different,they are produced for different purpuses and contain different geometries and attribuuts, which are not interoperable, it was agreed NOT to produce a joint INSPIRE data product and service, but separate ones, at least in the first round.  It was agreed that each organisation is responsible for its own INSPIRE data products and services (metadata, view, download) and the creation of needed code lists. All identified datasets cover the whole country, so the present plan does not include regional datasets.

    I hope I've ansered your questions. Better late than never ;)



  • Julián DELGADO

    By Julián DELGADO

    Hi Lena,

    I partially replaied right know in LU cluster in this link:

    But I can explain here the main issues related with LC. Documentation about CODIIGE and LISIGE law that I previously mentioned are available here (in Spanish)

    About LC dataset available for INSPIRE transformation we identified tens, coming from national or regional levels. Maybe the most characteristic ones are CORINE Land Cover, National LC/LU System (SIOSE), Land Parcel Information LPIS (SIGPAC), National Forest Map/Inventory (MFE/IFN), Nature Databank (BDN), and others really appreciated systems from regions.

    For the moment, and after INSPIRE head chiefs recommendations in 2016, to cover the national territory with at least one data set to provide answers for European environmental actions, we decided to prioritize the work and effort in current and next months. During 2016 we are transforming and publishing SIOSE (national coverage 1:25.000) for LC and Existing LU INSPIRE needs. In 2017 we have to puss actions for rest of national and information systems.

    About technical issues:

    • For LC we have reached a consensus to define a common nomenclature of classes to code all Spanish datasets. With the objective to publish all Spanish LC data harmonized with the same classes. This nomenclature is really easy with few classes and relatable with CLC. Additionally, those data providers interested to add also original classes can do it because INSPIRE specifications allow it. We have made public the nomenclature in a online register, now integrated in the JRC as test versión

    My best regards


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