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Reuse of INSPIRE Protected Sites data sets in CDDA 2018 reporting.

Environmental reporting is one of the main use cases behind the design of INSPIRE Directive and the INSPIRE data specifications take into account several reporting requirements.

In the framework of a modernization and streamlining of environmental reporting flows, the reuse of INSPIRE can be an opportunity to leverage INSPIRE acknowledgements of the Member States, thus reducing reporting burden, lowering costs of data management and provision, improving data quality and coherence.  

In this context, the ”Nationally designated areas” (CDDA) reporting  - source for the biodiversity policy evaluations in the European Union and the European contribution to the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA)- has been revised to take advantage of INSPIRE Protected sites data sets already produced by the Member states to fulfill INSPIRE obligation.

The 2018 complete data reporting (spatial data plus related specific thematic data) is obtained through a “linked approach” i.e. the specific thematic data sets are’ linked’ to INSPIRE Protected Sites data sets in order to get geospatial reference and other relevant information.

Learn more in the comprehensive CDDA 2018 reporting guidelines  and don’t miss relevant presentations at the INSPIRE Conference 2018:

INSPIRE spatial data sets in the European data collection of ' Nationally designated areas ' – linked approach

INSPIRE based e - Reporting in Italy 

Technological approaches to reuse INSPIRE in e - Reporting

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    • Stefania MORRONE

      By Stefania MORRONE

      Have a look at this presentation from INSPIRE Conference 2018 on Italian experience with production of CDDA 2018 delivery !

      INSPIRE-based eReporting in Italy: CDDA 2018 delivery

      • Dirk HINTERLANG

        By Dirk HINTERLANG

        I have some serious objections to establish the parallel data provision in terms of a "Linked Approach" within or connected to the theme Protected Sites.

        The DS for PS had foreseen an extension for the delivery of CDDA data using the "full profile", therefore the INSPIRE-community should urgently claim for the re-establishment of a data model extension to serve this use case.
        The same is true of a Natura2000-extension, clipped out of an early version of the DS, and yet waiting to be replaced by a revised extension.

        Parallel data provision via a "linked approach" leads us away from INSPIRE and thus lacks any legal obligation for the Member States.

        • Katharina SCHLEIDT

          By Katharina SCHLEIDT


          Somehow sad that while half the information (basic protected sites) will be made generally available via INSPIRE, the details (CDDA) remain locked within European silos

          Not how I'd hoped INSPIRE would turn out :)

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