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Transport Networks theme; Data Quality metadata

While updating the UK metadata guidance, we tabulated the 'data quality metadata' recommendations across the themes. You can see the result at

It highlights a few oddities, several of them in the Transport Networks theme, which make me wonder whether that theme specification is deliberatly different, or whether some mistakes slipped through the process.

1. Completeness - comission. Many themes ask for a "rate of excess items", which could be estimated from sampling. TN asks for the "number of duplicate feature instances". Why is it different? And what data publisher would count all the duplicates, but not then fix the problem (by deleting one of each duplicate pair)?

2. Conceptual consistency. Not many themes ask for this, but again TN (& AU) ask for "Number of items not compliant with the rules of the conceptual schema". Again, if I can count them, why not fix them? I guess this is slightly easier to accept than number 1, because the fix might not be immediately apparent, and perhaps currency is more important than consistency - but actually, how useful is a data item that does not validate?

Any thoughts