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EU Registry on Industrial Sites data model presentation at INSPIRE 2018 Conference

At the INSPIRE 2018 Conference the EEA presented the work carried out to establish the EU Registry on Industrial Sites and its corresponding data model, which is an extension of the INSPIRE Production and Industrial Facilities data model. You should find attached the presentation, including links and references to the documentation available on Reportnet. Please note that the last version of the data model is available on, published just right after the presentation was delivered.

The EU registry on industrial sites will collect identification and administrative data on European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Regulation (E-PRTR) facilities, installations under the scope of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), large combustion plants and waste incineration and co-incineration plants. While ensuring consistency with the underlying sectorial legislation, it builds on the compliance with the INSPIRE Directive and related Implementing Rules. Once established, the registry will be the reference (geospatial) EU dataset for the relevant integrated thematic reporting on industrial emissions, reducing reporting burden and data management costs while avoiding duplications and inconsistences across the sectorial legislation.

It is expected that the EU Registry is operationally launched in early 2019, with the first deadline for reporting 30 June 2019 (data from ref. year 2017).

The EU Registry on Industrial Sites

Facilities & Utilities, Public Services

Facilities & Utilities, Public Services

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