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Florian Hoedt
By Florian Hoedt Replies (7)

Hello everybody,

I am working at the Thünen-Institute in germany to publish the various monitoring datasets in an inspire conformant way. Currently I try to map data from our 'Bodenzustandserhebung' (  // to the corrosponding INSPIRE themes.

I would use those schema:

One Soil Plot per Plot

with one Observed Soil Profile
with several Soil Horizons

Do you think this is a feasable approach?

Furthermore I do not understand the differences between:

SoilPlot - location
...          - soilPlotLocation

And how to store the derived information like pH, organic matter, and similar for the Soil Horizon.




    Hi Florian.

    Feasable approach.

    SoilPlot - location:   indicates the association of the Observed Soil Profile to a specific Soil Plot
    SoilPlot - soilPlotLocation: is the attribute that contains the location -value

    Concerning "ow to store the derived information like pH, organic matter, and similar for the Soil Horizon": please read in the data specifications on page 38: <<The  properties  of  horizons  and  layers  are  modelled  through  the
    profileElementObservation  associations with OM_Observation objects
    (see  Figure  11),  in  the  same  way  as  soil  profile
    parameters  are  modelled,  the  only  difference  being  that  the  parameter  is  selected  from  the
    codelist  ProfileElementParameterNameValue (see  Figure  10).  
    Note  that  this  codelist  can  be
    extended by the data provider when needed.>>

  • Florian Hoedt

    Thank you Marc,

    I will dive into the specification to get a better understanding of the profileElementObservation types.


    SoilPlot - location:   indicates the association of the Observed Soil Profile to a specific Soil Plot
    SoilPlot - soilPlotLocation: is the attribute that contains the location -value

    Still not fully understand the difference. I have a polygon which indicates the area in which the profile was sampled. We will not publish the exact profile position due to personal data restrictions. Shall I map my geom to SoilPlot - soilPlotLocation, or SoilPlot - location? Or shall I use it for both, which seems silly.



    To SoilPlot - soilPlotLocation of course, as this contains the value of your location: possible values are indicated on p42. You want to avoid (X,Y), then it should be text of an identifier. I am not sure if you have identifiers that can denote a polygon. Ask the INSPIRE team.

  • Florian Hoedt

    Any news on the missing soilProfileObervation and profileElementObservation:

    Using HALE (and the mentioned soil.xsd as target schema) I am currently unable to map the sampled parameters to a ProfileElement.

    After more reading I came to the conclusion that my data is more like a SoilSite Polygon with IsObservedOnLocation -> SoilPlot with a disclosed exact soilPlotLocation.

    In this constellation I still do not know how to populate the SoilSite.location (from gml:abstractFeature), since I use the vector grid as SoilSite.geometry (Soil v4.0, p. 62: The geometry defining an area in which the survey was conducted). So what to use as SoilSite.location?

    Are there any datasets which actually use the Soil schema which I could use as reference?


    By Einar EBERHARDT

    Hi Florian,

    as far as I know the BZE-L sampling scheme, I agree that SoilSite is the right feature type. SoilSite should hold your overall location and SoilPlot as the location of your soil profile within the SoilSite.

    When TWG Soil produced the UML model (or possibly during the steps for finalising the whole data specification), it might be that the gml abstract feature already geometry (Location) was overlooked. Therefore the explicit "geometry" was foreseen for the site polygon. So it might be that we would need a revision of the model. When I find out more I will come back to you.

    There seem to be few (if not none) datasets around. Also we at BGR are still working on our first (map data) dataset with profiles.  

  • Johanna Ott

    Hi Einar,

    Are there already any news on how to store the geometry of a SoilPlot if the exact location should not be published due to data protection reasons?

    Should the grid cell, in which a SoilPlot is located really be described by referencing its name ("the name of a location" as described in the Data Specification, chapter or will there be an option to describe the location of a SoilPlot with a ploygon instead of an X/Y point?

    One more alternative would be to take the X/Y point of one of the corners of the grid cell and describe the location with this - then maybe adding to the description of the Point, that it is not describing the exact location where the SoilPlot is located, but a point belonging to a grid with the size x squarmeters in which the SoilPlot is located?


    All the best


  • Florian Hoedt


    I would like to directly escalate this to the Facilitator: Amelia BAPTIE but the profile is private.

    I know there are currently a lot of more urgent issues to solve than getting data inspire harmonized, but we would like make progress in this regard.


    Florian Hoedt

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