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Hi all!

About The UML Habitats and Biotopes Scheme in the Habitats Species Type table it said this;

Closed codelist of accepted PAN-european taxonomical reference lists defining the nomenclature and taxonomical concept of a given species name. This must not be regarded as the ultimate taxonomic truth: this will always change. It serves as a definition of a taxonomic concept described by systematic and synonym relations where other names and there inherent taxonomic concepts can be mapped to. The code list comprises of Eu-Nomen, EUNIS and Natura2000. In these sources harmonized species GUIDs and names are maintained by institutions with an assignment outside INSPIRE and the species names are to be retrieved through webservices using GUIDs. Only one of these list must be used for one taxon. The priority is as follows: 1) EU-Nomen, 2) EUNIS, 3) NatureDirectives. This implies: if a taxon is listed in EU-Nomen, this reference must be used as first choice. If it is not listed in EU-Nomen, the second choice is EUNIS, if not in EUNIS, NatureDirectives can be used.

But I couldn,t find any code for Reference Species Id on Eu-nomen website so I should use EUNIS but I have already used it in other table in the model therefor I have decided to use Habitat dírective annex I, have i done well?


Thank you in advance

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