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Protected Sites Simple - Marine Institute Prototype implementation

Hi all,

I have implemented and created a prototype Protected Sites Simple dataset for the legal designation of the "Biologically Sensitive Area" around Ireland formerly known as the Irish Conservation Box. Details on the dataset on our online data catalogue is available from

Implementation steps as follows.

  1. Create attribute data following Protected Sites and Geographical Names data specifications.
  2.  Build File Geodatabase
  3.  Map File Geodatabase to INSPIRE GML using FME Workbench transformer and INSPIRE xsd provided by FME
    •  File Geodatabase Reader
    •  Reprojecter
    •  GeometryPropertySetter
    •  AttributeRenamer
    •  INSPIRE GML Writer
  4.  Validate GML geometry using FME Data Inspector
  5.  Validate GML xml sequence using Oxygen XML Developer or any XML valid software
  6.  Publish File Geodatabase as ArcGIS REST service and with WMS/WFS Capabilities

Prototype Services provided for comments and discussion

  1.  INSPIRE PS Data Specification GML

ArcGIS for Server

ArcGIS Online – what the ProtectedSite data should look like as a map

Issues discovered during this Prototype Implementation

  1. FME Data Inspector does not like an xsi:schemaLocation="ps" in the header element but the GML is not valid without it.
  2.  There is an issue with the Protected Sites xsd and the implementation of the LegalFoundationDocument which I would like to implement to link the “Biologically Sensitive Area” to the EU Legislation. This should be implemented as CI_Citation but the schema doesnt provide it in the structure. Each test I ran through FME translation broke the output. I would like to cite the following as the LegalFoundationDocument but the XSD implementation does not produce valid GML with the implementation of this. If I understand CI_Citation correctly then should the model be following this method of implementation of ?

Kind regards, Trevor Alcorn



    Dear Trevor,


    I created a test of GML encoding for legalFoundationDocument with mandatory attributes title and date only. I used HALE editor for data transformation according to INSPIRE PS Simple application schema XSD and a sample Shapefile for input resource. The following encoding (part of the complete GML file) was validated in HALE and in oXygen (as XML validation) against ProtectedSites.xsd:

       <gco:CharacterString>Test - legislation act title</gco:CharacterString>
         <gmd:CI_DateTypeCode codeList="; codeListValue="publication"></gmd:CI_DateTypeCode>

    The XML validation requires to provide codeList for the CI_DateTypeCode, so I found one URL which might not be correct but it is validated.

    It is questionable where to place the URL when CI_Citation is used. The only attribute of URL type in CI_Citation is linkage in CI_OnlineResource which is quite low in the hierarchical structure (CI_Citation > CI_ResponsibleParty > CI_Contact > CI_OnlineResource).

    Are there any other examples how to provide information on legal acts by using CI_Citation data type?

    Kind regards,

    Darja Lihteneger


  • Trevor ALCORN



    Many thanks for sending this on. I have heard of HALE and will investigate.


    Thanks and regards, Trevor

  • Trevor ALCORN


    In the Species Distribution theme there is legalCitation and documentCitation reference which I have used following the INSPIRE guidelines BaseTypes and BaseTypes2.  You will see these references commented out in the model for validation purposes

    It would be nice if the Protected Sites simple schema followed the same documentCitation and or LegalCitation as it would be make life easier implementing data for me!

    Kind regards, Trevor




    Dear Trevor,

    Thank you for the feedback and good example how to use Legislation Citation for providing data about legislation and legal acts. This is the original purpose of this data type which was designed specifically for this purpose during the development of the INSPIRE Annex II and III data specifications. Astrid Feichtner proposes a similar proposal for using this data type instead of CI_Citation in INSPIRE PS, see: . I replied to her post, please see more information there.

    Kind regards, Darja

  • Trevor ALCORN

    Hi Darja,

    I copied in your XML example above into the prototype GML file I have and re-ran the validation through Oxygen XML Developer Validation. No joy. Could you kindly send me a copy of your valid file so I can compare with the file I have here? There may be a difference in the header tag I would like to check?

    Kind regards, Trevor


  • Johanna OTT

    Hi Trevor, hi all,

    I just saw that you used FME to transform your PS-data into a GML. Did you manage to get a GML validating against the INSPIRE-Validator? I am trying the same, but I struggle with orientaion. My GML only validates if it has inverted axes. Which Writer did you exactly use and which paramters did you chose? (Axis order etc.) Did you use any FME Transformers to change/force orientation of your polygons?

    Did anyone else use FME to transform PS-data and has some suggestions for me?

    Kind regards, Johanna

  • Stefania MORRONE

    By Stefania MORRONE

    Hi Johanna,

    I am closing this discussion, since it was posted a long time ago and has had no replies since almost two years.

    Moreover, you posted the same question in this discussion, so I kindly ask anyone to post any eventual reply there. Thank you.

    Best regards


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