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Proposal for type attributes for VectorStatisticalUnit

    Bresters PIETER
    By Bresters PIETER

    With the current model for the INSPIRE theme statistical units, we can only add one layer with one feature type in the service. This is a problem because in many cases there are a lot of types of Statistical Units. Creating one service for each type of SU would be far too expensive.

    This means they have to be to be put all together and the users have to use a filter to get them separated again.

    In order to make this possible for the user, we need an attribute to filter on, but this is missing in the current model.

    Therefor Statistics Netherlands is proposing a suggestion how to implement this.

    We could choose between a free field or a code list or both. The advantage of a free field is that it gives the implementers the highest level of freedom, but it does not give us a standard which might cause problems when combining data from different countries at the borders.

    A code list  will lead to a standardization, but it gives the implementers less freedom.

    I fear a long process in getting all the possible types used in Europe into the list.

    On other disadvantage is, that code list become xlinks in GML and current applications like QGIS don’t show these as fields. Then we still can’t filter on them.


    So the best solution is to implement them both: a free field and a code list.

    If we only put already standardized types in the code list, it will also make further standardization in types unnecessary. Locally used types can be depicted with “OtherType” in the code list and distinguished with its description in the free field.


    For the free field I suggest a character field with the name: StatisticalUnitTypeDiscription

    Any value can be typed here as a character string.


    For the code list I suggest: StatisticalUnitTypeCodeValue

    Only the Values below with their URL in a href referring to the value in the code list.

    It only makes sense to use values in this code list that are already a standard within Europe.


    Suggested values for the code list StatisticalUnitTypeCodeValue







    Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics level 0 (Country)



    Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics level 0 (Country part)



    Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics level 2 (Province)



    Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics level 3 (Between Province an community)



    Local Area Unit level 1. Something between NUTS3 and LAU2



    Local Area Unit level 2. (Community)



    Part of a community



    Part of a district


    Postal Code Area

    Codes used in addresses


    Census District

    Districts used for a census


    Urban Area

    Functional Urban Area


    Other Type

    Any other type


    The MIG-T wants to change the model as soon as possible, therefore we would like to ask all the cluster members to react before March 14th. The reactions in the cluster will be input for the discussions held in the second of part of March by the MIG-T members and some stakeholders.

    Thank you for reacting in advance,
    Pieter Bresters
    Statistics Netherlands

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