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Implementing proposal INSPIRE themes PD and HH

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Statistics Netherlands is proposing an implementation method for the INSPIRE themes Population Distribution (PD) and Human Health (HH). With this paper we would like to start the discussion  to reach a common agreement about it and to avoid unnecessary actions from the NSI’s from the European member states.

The proposal

As mentioned in recommendation 4.4.4 of the Global Statistical Geospatial Framework in Europe - Existing services of SDMX datasets should not be harmonised to the INSPIRE data models because there is no need to do so. It is already machine readable and harmonized (technically and semantically). Harmonizing them again, would be a waste of money and effort.

The only thing that should be done is making these SDMX files findable according to INSPIRE standards, by creating meta data in a catalogue server.

An example for the PD-theme on how to do this can be found here:

The same can be done for the HH theme:

In both cases, the download links of the SDMX files are given under the “Download, Views and links” tab.

How does this help the GIS users?

Once the SDMX file is downloaded, one can import it in Excel, export to csv and join the table to a Nuts region from a Statistical Units service in a GIS.

But even better would be to use a Table Joining Service like it was done in the Geostat 3 project.

Also the metadata for SDMX files as created in in the Geostat 3 project are dealt with in this way:

In this case one can also find links to OGC services for viewing (WMS) and downloading (WFS), since these have been created by means of the Table Joining Service.

Discussion point

The Eurostat SDMX services do not serve data at detailed levels like communities (Lau2). On the other hand this is a level of detail that is mentioned in the INSPIRE data model specifications. We could discuss if we want this data also on the SDMX sever or will all member states have to serve this on their own.

For this level of detail we should investigate if we can use the same SDMX Data Structure Definition file according to the INSPIRE PD data model as was developed by Eurostat for the census SDMX grids as used in the Geostat 3 project.

Questions to the statistical community

  1. Do you agree on the proposal to stick to the existing SDMX files in the Eurostat SDMX server?
  2. What should we do with the discussion point for PD data at Lau2 level?
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Statistics & Health

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