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Urban Waste Water Treatment data - agglomerations, treatment plants, discharge points

Dear colleagues,

Our institution CENIA (Czech Environmental Information Agency) is responsible for coordination of INSPIRE acitivities in the Czech Republic. I am member of the department which provides technical support to Czech INSPIRE data providers. For that reason, I would like to discuss following 2 topics, which concern preparation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment data:


Does the Urban Waste Water Treatment data (agglomerations, treatment plants, discharge points) belong to the application schema "Environmental management facilities" or to the application schema "Common utility network elements" (resp. "Water Network", which is the sub-domain of the "Common utility network elements")?

Compare:  Description: ...The theme is split in the following subthemes: ...Environmental management facilities: Generic facility descriptions for waste management sites, water treatment plants and regulated or illegal areas for dumping.


Common utility network elements mapping table:  Spatial object type: Appurtenance, attribute: Specific appurtenance type, codelist SpecificAppurtenanceTypeValue:  value Water Appurtenance type:  (belongs to the application schema "Water Network", codelist values "treatment plant"" and water discharge point"


I am looking for an example of the Urban Waste Water Treatment data from another countries, which are already available on the INSPIRE geoportal. In the case of Austria, data on agglomerations (Kommunale Abwasserrichtlinie - Siedlungsgebiete (2018), Österreich), treatment plants (Kommunale Abwasserrichtlinie - Kläranlagen (2018), Österreich) and dicharge points (Kommunale Abwasserrichtlinie - Einleitepunkte (2018), Österreich) can be downloaded:

Since I am involved in the UWWTD data processing at the European level, I discovered easily, that these datasets are probably subset of the data reported by Austria under the UWWT directive. Unfortunately, most of attributes is missing most of attributes is missing in above mentioned INSPIRE datasets in comparison to the data reported under the UWWTD - especially any relations between spatial objects (agglomerations, treatment plants, discharge points). Therefore, the user of INSPIRE data cannot find out, which treatment plant treats the waste water from specific agglomeration, which discharge point belongs to given treatment plant etc. Is this correct? Can we use above mentioned Austrian data as the sufficient example of the Urban Waste Water Treatment data fulfilling the INSPIRE needs?

Remark: Information on relations between agglomerations, treatment plants and discharge points is available in the UWWTD dataset published on the EEA web:

Thank you very much for your experience and standpoints to these topics

Best wishes

Miroslav Fanta



  • Hernán De Angelis

    By Hernán De Angelis

    Miroslav, I find your questions relevant. Did you find any answer to them? I am also a bit confused about what model to select for UWWTD discharge points.


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