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Borehole intervals - mappingFrame?

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By Tilman BROCK-HESSE Replies (3)

Dear colleagues,

what do you propose for using as a mappingFrame when mapping boreholes?

Our source model has (amongst others) the properties "top of layer", "bottom of layer", and "lithology". It encodes that down the borehole from "top" to "bottom" there is lithology "lithology".

As the MappedInterval that would be used for this derives from MappedFeature, and that needs a mappingFrame - what would you propose? It's not surfaceGeology, because it relates to the borehole geometry, and the other list entries ( ) in MappingFrameValue do not apply either. Also, MappingFrameValue does not have a "catch all" root element like, for example, LithologyValue.

Happy for any input,
Best regards,

Tilman Brock-Hesse

  • Kristine ASCH

    Dear Tilman, dear all,

    also BGR within the "BoreholeML to INSPIRE" project is struggling with this issue. Looking into the data specifications on geology, one could theoretically add an additional value "defined by data providers" and we planned to add the value "all depths" for the mappingFrame for Borehole data.

    Has anybody experience with this?

    We are also happy for any input or even a solution for thissmiley.

    Thank you and with best wishes,


    Kristine Asch and David Hronec (BGR)



  • Arvid MARKERT

    Dear colleagues,
    we have solved the problem for now with the entry "surfaceGeology", even if this is technically not correct. Therefore we would strongly agree to an extension of the code list mappingFrameValue by the entry "allDepth".
    Until then a nilReason value (e.g. "unpopulated") could be assigned alternatively.

    Best regards and much success,

    Arvid Markert - LBGR


  • Marcus SEN

    Conceptually the mapping frame is the path of the borehole itself.

    The INSPIRE technical guidelines don't seem to have any explicit instructions on this but just says "A MappedInterval is a special kind of MappedFeature whose shape is a 1-D interval and which uses the spatial reference system (SRS) of the containing borehole." This conveys the intent but doesn't say how to express it. The comment in the schema is just inherited from MappedFeature and isn't that helpful for the MappedInterval subtype.

    We don't have any INSPIRE borehole services currently and I'm afraid I can't find any examples at the moment but, from my recollection of earlier versions of GeoSciML on which the INSPIRE geology model was based, the convention was to put an id reference pointing to the gml:id of the borehole itself. Current versions of GeoSciML no longer derive the BoreholeInterval (successor of MappedInterval) from MappedFeature and don't have such a property as it is always implicit for a borehole that the domain of the logs is the path of the borehole.

    Some references to this convention that I can find for older versions of GeoSciML and implicitly but not explicitly for INSPIRE are:

    Section 4.7.1 of a GeoSciML v2 cookbook :

    Section 2.7.8 of a cookbook on how to deliver INSPIRE using GeoSciML v3.2: _1.0.pdf

    Section 2.7.7 of later version of above cookbook on delivering INSPIRE using GeoSciML v4:


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