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INSPIRE TG1.3/20 Editor views in future GeoNetwork versions

Hello from the Bolsena Codesprint. This thread targets those organizations using GeoNetwork to manipulate INSPIRE metadata records. We’re discussing the roadmap for geonetwork and we’re a bit puzzled by how to improve support for INSPIRE TG 2.

Currently the iso19139 schema has support for TG1.3 and SDS (as editor views). Changes required for TG2 are quite impactful on those views. We’re considering 3 directions for future versions of GeoNetwork.

- Remove the INSPIRE and SDS view in favor of optimizations in the default views

- Update the INSPIRE TG v1.3 view to INSPIRE TG v2 (keep the SDS view).

- Support both the INSPIRE TG v1.3 as well as v2.0 views (and keep the SDS view)


Please let us know if your organization is currently using the INSPIRE view, SDS, an adopted view and/or the default view. And what your wishes are for future versions. And/or if you have ideas how to improve in other ways.


Kind regards, Francois and Paul.

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Paul,

    Apart from any potential discussion that may be held in this thread, maybe it would be a good idea if you provide an email to get in contact with you (GeoCat) on this topic.