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What is meant with "language-neutral-value" (TG metadata 2.0)

In TG metadata 2.0 page 

TG Req 3.4 TG metadata 2.0 page 62 talks about a language neutral keyword:

TG Requirement 3.4: metadata/2.0/req/sds/sds-category 

At least one Spatial Data Service category or subcategory for the described service shall be given using the language-neutral keyword values as defined in Part D 4 “Classification of Spatial Data Services” of [Regulation 1205/2008]. 

I would argue that the full uri of the keyword (eg used as gmx:anchor@xlink:href would satisfy this requirement.


However the current metadata validator seems to explicitely require the value "infoMapAccessService" as label of the anchor element. This aspect presents a challenge for our software, as keywords from other INSPIRE thesauri use the language specific label as anchor label.

Welcoming your thoughts on this.