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Where I can find discussion topics I have created?

Is there possibility to see the discussion topiucs I have created ? I could not find anything under the My account Settings, excepts some overal statistics. If not awailable, could it be activated? Thanks.

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    Hi Martin,

    You  can see your own discussion topics by going to "More" menu on the menu bar then select, "activity" and the select the "Mine" tab. Then look for the  Filter  command under the tabs on the right and  select "Show Discussion Topics".

    Here is the direct link, to save you the trouble:

    I see you have created 3 topics so far but did not get any answers, perhaps it is the time of the year where activity is low. Also the site has been recently relaunched and not many people know about it. We hope to get some  activity and participation going up soon.

    Hope this helps,





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