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Dear colleagues, I have a question about the eionet codelists for ComponentTypeValue in the dataspec on Human Health and Safety (see Figure 9: Concentration measure, based on ISO 19103; p. 38 of pdf). When you click on the urls, for instance GroundWaterQualityComponentTypeValue / vocabulary =, then you got a "404 - Sorry, but we could not find what you were looking for" page. Where can I find these codelists on eionet? Thanks in advance for your responses! Best regards, Wideke Boersma

  • Stefania MORRONE

    By Stefania MORRONE

    Dear Wideke,

    it seems that all the vocabulary tags in Figure 9 are indeed obsolete. The addressed datasets have been retired (see picture below for ).



    The complete list of latest versions of eionet datasets in and their status is available at


    Most specifically the dataset “WISE-SoE Reporting: Groundwater quality “is classified as “OBSOLETE DATASET DEFINITION “.

    I am not a domain expert, anyway, so I cannot provide more details on which dataset(s) can be suitable substitute(s) for the retired one(s).

    Hopefully Eionet community can help?

    In any case, the TG should be updated with correct links.


    Kind regards,


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