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Overlapping zoningelements


Dear colleagues, We have the question if zoningelements in the application schema Planned Land Use of the dataspecification Land Use may overlap? In the Netherlands zoning elements can overlap. But in the dataspecification is stated: “A spatial object which is homogeneous regarding the permitted uses of land based on zoning which separate one set of land uses from another.” (p. 67). Herein the words "homogeneous" and "... which separate one set of land uses from another" suggest that ZoningElements do not overlap. That suggestion is also raised by the way in which the data specification describes the concept of "zoning": “The concept of zoning is part of Planned Land Use in many countries. The zoning is composed of polygons that are mutually exclusive. Zoning provides regulation on how LandUse can evolve.” (p. 37). However, these definitions and descriptions are not explicit requirements for a data set. So, how do other Member States deal with this concept? Do you have in your country overlap in zoning elements? And how do you read the dataspecifications about this subject? Is it an explicit requirement or not? Thanks in advance for your responses! Best regards, Wideke Boersma

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