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GNSS monitoring station

By Nathalie DELATTRE Replies (1)

I am wondering whether the GNSS stations are in the scope of INSPIRE and can be mapped under the Environmental Monitoring Facilities Nathalie Delattre

  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Nathalie,

    pertaining to the scope, to my feeling the GNSS stations are in scope. I've copied in Article 4 § 1 for your reference below.

    As for the correct INSPIRE Theme, while I'd need a bit more information on what exactly is being monitored by the GNSS stations, I'm fairly sure that Environmental Monitoring Facilities is the correct theme.



    Article 4

    1. This Directive shall cover spatial data sets which fulfil the following conditions:
    (a) they relate to an area where a Member State has and/or exercises jurisdictional rights;
    (b) they are in electronic format;
    (c) they are held by or on behalf of any of the following:
    (i) a public authority, having been produced or received by a public authority, or being managed or updated by that authority and falling within the scope of its public tasks;
    (ii) a third party to whom the network has been made available in accordance with Article 12;
    (d) they relate to one or more of the themes listed in Annex I, II or III.

Environmental Monitoring & Observations

Environmental Monitoring & Observations

Environmental Monitoring Facilities, Observations and Measurements