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INSPIRE Monitoring Dashboard Filter not working/ use for calculation INSPIRE-Parameter

While preparing for the INSPIRE-Monitoring we use the INSPIRE official monitoring dashboard (
We discovered two issues:

1. Combination of more than one filter is not working (no results). Steps to reproduce
           a) open URL
           b) use „INSPIRE EU dashboard“
           c)  „Add a filter“
           d) Filter „scope IS DE“ --> Result: filtered for Germany OK
           e) Filter „ivDSv11_RelArea IS 35751“ --> Result NOK
            Are we using this function correctly? Is there an example how to use filter function in Dashboard correctly?

2. We also took a look at the description for open source dashboard ( The description states that OGC CSW standard can be used to generate a report based on the metadata in a catalogue.
Is it possible to use this software to calculate official INSPIRE-parameters like they will be in next implementing rules?