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EMF for road traffic monitoring

By Keiran MILLARD Replies (2)

Hi Kathi, Have you come across application of O&M in the transport and infrastructure sector? I am looking at networks of sensors that monitor counts of traffic along a road network. This all seems to fit OK with O&M. This is my question. As the sensor is monitoring a multi-lane road, I am considering treating it as a profile observation; just in the horizontal rather than the vertical. I am wondering if you or the group have used a profile observation in this way? Keiran

  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Kieran,

    cool idea!

    Some counter questions:

    • What service are you using to serve the data? Especially as you're dealing with SensorStuff, you may wanna look at the OGC SensorThings API (STA). We've mostly sorted the INSPIRE alignment issues, for details, see:
    • Observation Type: good question! I get utilizing a coverage model to nicely pull in all lanes, but would almost recommend doing a separate specialization for this as in the profile observation the FoI is constrained to the vertical. This also leads to a further question:
    • What is your FeatureOfInterest (FoI)? I'd be assuming that at some level, the FoI should be at least linked to a TN dataset. I'm not familiar enough with the road specialization of TN, are the lanes modeled? 

    While I haven't come across this level of data within INSPIRE yet (but does make total sense for EF :) ), I do know that the City of Hamburg is working in this direction, and will be utilizing STA, so maybe you could cooperate with them?



  • Keiran MILLARD

    By Keiran MILLARD

    Hi Kathi,

    Yes, for the road example the 'profile' would be in horizontal plane, rather than the vertical.  On this topic, do the Technical Guidelines insist the profile shall be vertical?

    The FoI would be a section of road across all lanes of the road.  The sensor (e.g. a camera) would capture an image of this FoI and processing algorithms count unique vehicles.  This is an example, there are other ways this could be done - including humans with a clipboard!

    Discussing this topic with the UK transport data community, whilst they are very familiar with core transport data standards such as NeTEx, DATEXII and SIRI, there seems to be a lack of awareness of generic O&M standards.  When the effects of transport (e.g. air quality, noise) are being monitored alongside the transport itself, it makes sense that common patterns for observations are used.  In particular not trying to load all the observation information into a metadata record.



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