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Activities for Improved Client Support for INSPIRE data presented at the FOSS4G 2019

Stefania MORRONE
By Stefania MORRONE

The number of geospatial datasets available through INSPIRE Spatial Data Infrastructures is rapidly increasing and this goes hand in hand with the request for more user-friendly and ready-to-use solutions for efficient consumption of the INSPIRE data. Aiming to keep up with the coming demands and ensure that the INSPIRE infrastructure remains fit for purpose, the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group (MIG) has put forward Action 2017.2  and Action 2017.3  respectively addressing the investigations for alternative INSPIRE data encodings and the improvement of client support for INSPIRE data.

Work being done was recently presented at the FOSS4G 2019 event in Bucharest.

FOSS4G presentationFind here a link to the presentation held.

For more details on the FOSS4G 2019 event read this INSPIRE Community Forum post

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