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What is the best Software for INSPIRE use?

By LB-HANGE Replies (4)

What is the best Software for INSPIRE use?

  • Peter BAUMANN

    For raster data you may want to look at rasdaman (OGC WCS Core Reference Implementation), see . It has been used, for example, when developing the INSPIRE WCS TG and recently at the Helsinki workshop for demonstrating INSPIRE data sets through WMS, WCS, and WCPS - see this posting by Jordi Escriu: .



  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear LB-HANGE,

    Happy to count with your active contribution in this cluster.

    It would be useful to know what is your role regarding INSPIRE, for example: data provider, implementer, user, etc. 

    And if you have any special interest - for example, what type of geospatial data are you working with?)


  • Thorsten REITZ

    By Thorsten REITZ

    Typically, there are several phases of INSPIRE implementation: Preparation, harmonisation, service deployment and usage. For each phase, there are different tools that do the job well.

    In the preparation phase, you will identify INSPIRE data sets and describe them with metadata. This can be done using a dedicated metadata tool such as GeoNetwork, or by automatically generating metadata in integrated INSPIRE tools such as hale connect.

    In the harmonisation phase, you will transform your data so that it complies to the data specifications. For this step, two tools are in common usage: Safe Software's FME, and wetransform's hale studio. The latter is an open source application specifically developed to support data harmonisation for Open Standards such as INSPIRE and is available via GitHub:

    To make your data accessible, the next step is to publish the harmonised data via view and download services in the service deployment phase. For this step, there are several choices, such as the open source frameworks deegree and GeoServer, as well as our cloud platform hale connect. Each has different "sweet spots". A while back, I wrote a longer post on this subject:

    Finally, to actually use INSPIRE data and services, you need some client that can consume it. Both ArcGIS and QGIS have limitations when it comes to directly consuming and processing (complex) GML, so you would usually first import the GML through an ETL (similiar to the harmonisation phase) process to match your database structure. This website describes how you can use INSPIRE data in different applications:

    INSPIRE data can also be used outside GIS; as a matter of fact the complex object oriented models are often a bette rmatch to non-GIS applications. The community currently develops additional and alternative encoding rules to make this part of the process easier:

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Thorsten and All,

    Thank you very much for your valuable inputs! - As usual.

    I really think that it would be really interesting for the community to collect information about existing applications and tools which may help in the different phases of INSPIRE implementation, i.e. continuously updating this information over time.

    - Preparation phase:

    • As-Is data exploration.
    • Identification of your scope within INSPIRE.
    • Generation and maintenance of metadata in conformance to the INSPIRE.

    - Harmonisation phase

    • Transformation of data according the INSPIRE data models / schemas / alternative encodings.

    - Service deployment phase:

    • Publication of data through INSPIRE services.

    - Validation phase:

    • Validation of INSPIRE metadata, data & services.

    - INSPIRE use:

    • Usage of INSPIRE / interoperable data.

    With this aim I created the following special page, which provides access to the INSPIRE in Practice platform, with two different sections for collecting information about Tools & Apps, respectively. This platform constitutes an INSPIRE initiative to create an inventory of applications and tools currently available and identified:

    In my view it would be highly valuable to use the inputs shared in the SW & Tools discussion group in order to possibly update and maintain the INSPIRE in Practice platform.

    An idea would be to draft specific pages in this forum about most usual and popular SW applications (i.e. such as FME, HALE, Geoserver, Mapserver, HALE Connect, etc.) - each per application.

    This pages may contain general / introductory information about each tool, while pointing at already existing resources and URLs (white papers, specific forums or wikis, websites describing SW solutions in more details, GitHub repositories, etc.).

    Hope you find this proposal interesting, since SW companies managers / technicians may play a crucial role in supporting the identification of the mentioned resources.

    What you think?