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SOS for INSPIRE-compliance

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to be fully INSPIRE-compliant using a 52north Sensor Observation Service but there is still some details I'm not sure how to manage.
Basically, for INSPIRE you want to make your data discoverable, viewable and downloadable while respecting the different Implementation Requirements. Many IR are already included in the 52north SOS implementation but it is unclear to me how to respect the view part of INSPIRE.


I created a SOS service-record and a dataset-record that I published in my geonetwork instance.

Very similar to WFS service-record, the SOS service-record includes, amongst other information, the SOS GetCapabilities request (I enabled the INSPIRE ExtendedCapabilities in the 52n sos webapp.), associated resources,…


The dataset-record includes a http GetObservation link to download the pre-defined datasets in INSPIRE-compliant format.
However after a few tests I realized that the GetObservation function is not suited for (very) large datasets (time serie of +-300.000 points). So I linked my SOS database to geoserver and provide the different time series via a WFS service in csv format (gml is too heavy).
Not sure therefore if it’s INSPIRE-compliant?! Maybe a subset of the time series can be provided when asked in gml format?!

Another way to download the data is via the thin web client application (Helgoland). Data are also provided in csv format but the user can choose the temporal extent of the time series (while WFS provides the entire time series).

It seems to me that INSPIRE is really meant for small size time-series as even lightweight json format is struggling with very long time-series.


Three options here:

- The observations comes with a spatial information (same as the associated EF). As I also provide the data via a WFS I do have a WMS available for the view part. The only problem is that the WMS try to display 300.000 points on the same location. Still need to figure out how to limit the WMS without limiting the WFS.

- The 52north SOS webapp comes with a client (Helgoland) that allows easy view on the location of the sensors. It makes use of the 52n SOS API.

- I do have a shapefile including all the Environmental Monitoring Facilities we have. Maybe I could provide the WMS link of the EF shapefile in the dataset-record. For that I need to find out how to filter WMS on shapefile attribute (not all EF are used in all datasets).

Any idea/example on the best practices using (52north) SOS for INSPIRE-compliance?!

Thanks for your input,


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Environmental Monitoring & Observations

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