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Implementation of the INSPIRE data models

Dear all,

we are struggling with a basic problem and maybe this is really a stupid question - we are trying to export the INSPIRE UML model from Enterprise Architect in some way to ArcGIS Workspace, so that we could define the target structure of our data. In our opinion, it is not a very effective solution if we have to rewrite the whole model from scratch - do you perhaps have any recommendations on how to use the information from the UML models?

Thank you, Lucie.


  • Tjerk HEIJBOER

    By Tjerk HEIJBOER

    Dear Lucie,

    Is it not better to use the xsd schema's provided by INSPIRE as a guide? They are the eventual target structure mostly for download services or WFS's. Arcgis has a plugin for certain INSPIRE themes as far as I am aware



  • Lucie KONDROVA

    By Lucie KONDROVA

    Hi Tjerk,

    thank you for your reply. Which plugin for ArcGIS are you mentioning? ArcGIS for INSPIRE? It only has a geodatabase template for the theme Geology, as far as I know... Or do you mean any other way of transforming the xsd scheme to ArcGIS geodatabase structure?

    Thanks a lot for any help,


  • Tomas LINDBERG

    By Tomas LINDBERG

    Dear Lucie and all,

    I'm not sure I can help you much, but since this is the kind of practical questions I think will make this cluster a great toll I'll try to contribute with what I can.

    As you know the Minerlas4EU project supplies a common data model and WFS-mapping, and this forum could help us to do something similar, even if there are different choices of software environment.

    I'll just give a short description on how we are approaching it. SGU plans to deliver geology according to the excellent GeoSciML 3.2 Encoding Cookbook, and is also using EA to do the design work. We have just used the UML and cookbook as input to "manually" design a physical data model with tables and relationships. For the small part of GeoSciML that inspire covers that isn't too much work, for other models or a full geosciml that could be another thing (anyone want to share a complete modelsmiley?). Our target is postgresql/postgis but EA has plugins to generate ESRI geodatabase also, but I haven't used it myself.

    I am sure others have done much more than we have so far, but I have uploaded a basic example of a model for geologic unit into "Group files" in the top right corner. Any comments would be appreciated. This is work in progress and will be elaborated but we have been able to produce (almost) valid GML files for superficial data from it.

    We are presently adding folds and shear displacement to support bedrock data. We are also handling import of code lists (inspire and partly cgi) in our  data model using FME to be able to check values. Other data we are currently doing in a similar way is soil geochemistry (SoilDerivedObject) and hydrogeology.




  • Aurete PEREIRA

    By Aurete PEREIRA

    Dear Lucie and all

    At LNEG we are doing tests with 2 datasets from two contiguous map sheets, scale 1:50 000. A Geodatabase (ESRI's ArcGis data storage format) was designed with EA. The Geodatabase format was selected because LNEG is currently using ArcGis software for geological map production. The design was based on the GeologyCore application schema  from the INSPIRE-GE model and its specifications with some minor extents from GeoSciML. 

    Please have a look at the article published in volume 8 of the International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Researsh.



  • Lola Boquera

    Dear Lucie and all,

    At ICGC we are trying to build the physical modell to test the consistence ot the geological data model from the INSPIRE DS-GE Core Model, UML model. With the information contained in two geological maps (A general Geological map and an Estructural map) on the scale of 1:250.000.


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