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New INSPIRE Reference Validator release version available 1.0.8

By Marco MINGHINI Replies (2)

Dear colleagues,

we are happy to announce a new official release (v.1.0.8) of the INSPIRE Reference Validator. This version includes the new tests for INSPIRE WCS and SOS Download Services and for INSPIRE Discovery Services; it also includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements.

The full changelog is available at

From this page you can also access the source code and the documentation to build a Docker image of the Validator for testing purposes.

As usually, the Validator can be accessed through both the web user interface and the API:

You can help us by testing the new version of the Validator and reporting issues at our GitHub issue tracker:
To stay informed on the news about the INSPIRE Reference Validator, you can follow the 'TC-Validation' tag in the INSPIRE Community Forum:[]=TC-Validation

Best regards,
Marco - on behalf of the JRC Validator Team
  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear Marco,

    Many thanks for this good news and congrats for the progress!


  • Peter BAUMANN

    Dear Marco,

    Thanks for sharing this! Re WCS I see that mostly http protocol and metadata services are being assessed currently. Would it make sense to take a shortcut and simply require that a INSPIRE WCS server passes the OGC test suite? Could save a lot of work potentially and also avoid duplicate effort.

    Curious about your thoughts.

    best regards,