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ProfileObservation and TrajectoryObservation valid for OF data?

Johanna Ott
By Johanna Ott Replies (3)

Hi everybody,

I have to transform a German dataset to OF which is containing data that the data provider considers being omso:ProfileObservation Objects.
The Data Specification states in Recommendation 6 "The following types from the GCM may be used to describe OF data: ProfileObservation, TrajectoryObservation", so it seems to be valid to use ProfileObservation and TrajectoryObservation objects for OF delivery.
But the Implementing Rules (1253/2013) explicitely mention six observation types that shall be used for OF in 14.3(2): "Data related to the theme Oceanographic Geographical Features shall be made available using the follow­ing types defined in the Specialised Observations package in Annex I: PointObservation, PointTimeSeries­Observation, MultiPointObservation, GridObservation, GridSeriesObservation, PointObservationCollection"

As the data specification is not legally binding, I would need to know, if it is valid to deliver OF data using omso:ProfileObservation or not.

Thanks and all the best


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Marine & Atmosphere

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